Disabling the Built In Blackboard Attendance Tool

If you are using Qwickly Attendance, it may be most desirable to disable Blackboard's built-in attendance tool (released in 2018) as it may cause confusion to your user base. Further more, if you are using Blackboard Learn's Ultra Experience, there is a link to the built in attendance tool right in front of users that will certainly cause confusion.


Luckily, it's relatively easy to disable the built in tool if you are a Blackboard System Admin.


1. Go to the Blackboard Home Screen and go to Admin (screenshots are of the Ultra Experience)



2. Locate the Tools link under Tools and Utilities



3. Scroll down to the Attendance section and toggle off the Course and Organization tool. You'll probably want to change this for both New and Existing courses so it takes affect across the whole system. Submit your settings clicking the Submit button in the bottom right of the page.



4. Re-vist a course to confirm the tool is turned off.  Please note, you may want to give the system several minutes to turn the tool off sitewide if you have a large number of courses on your system.



Please note: this article was created in March 2019. Due to frequent changes to Blackboard Ultra's development, the screenshots may not exactly reflect your existing system.


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