Qwickly Attendance: Using Custom Associated IDs

Users of Qwickly Attendance LTI may want to use a field outside of username, SIS ID and email to store user information for Attendance taking modes such as Card Reader mode. Qwickly Attendance LTI allows Institutes to use a new field "Custom Associated ID" to store a custom value field which they can use when taking Attendance by card reader mode.

How to Add Custom Associated IDs

Custom Associated IDs can be updated in bulk or by looking up student information individually.

1. Upload Custom Associated IDs in Bulk by csv file upload

System Admins with control to the Qwickly Dashboard will be able to do a file upload to bulk update users' Custom Associated IDs. This can be done by navigating to www.qwickly.tools > Manage instances > Your Instance's Attendance settings > Preferences tab.


The "Select ID field" option allows the user to choose what type of ID to match the corresponding Custom Associated Id with.

The user can prepare a file that matches either an LMS ID with the custom associated id, or an SIS ID with a custom associated ID. The csv file should be in the following format (without a header row):

user's selected ID, custom ID

Here is a sample file upload for a Blackboard institution which has selected Blackboard ID:


Here is another sample file upload for an Institution which has selected SIS ID:



2. Upload Custom Associated IDs individually

System Admins can find the data Qwickly stores on each user by going to www.qwickly.tools > Manage Instances and click on the button at the top left side of the Instance panel.


This will produce a page that contains all of the information that Qwickly has on users of the instance. A custom Associated ID can be added/edited individually for users

mceclip2.pngUsing Custom Associated IDs for Card Reader Mode

Once Custom Associated IDs have been updated for users, the Card Reader settings can be configured to use this field as the identifier.

This can be done by going to www.qwickly.tools > Manage Instances > Your Instance's Attendance settings > Modes tab > Card Reader Support > Setting "Alternate Identifier" to true and selecting "Custom Associated IDs"




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