Qwickly Attendance Pro: Enrollment Verification

About Enrollment Verification

Enrollment Verification allows you to define a set of criteria students must meet in order to be verified as having attended a course. This is a one-time only form instructors are required to complete and is separate from daily attendance taking. Enrollment verification can be particularly useful if you are an institution that does not require attendance taking but does need some attendance data for things such as financial aid distribution.

Setting Up Enrollment Verification

Administrators can turn on this feature in their admin settings, then set the criteria students must meet, as well as the due date the instructor needs to submit the form by. At this time, administrators do not have the ability to set different criteria or different dates per course. In this example, I have enrollment verification enabled and I am asking instructors to confirm whether or not each student in their class has attended at least one time between November 1st and November 30th, and the form itself is due on December 1st. 

Below the criteria is a preview of the default copy that will appear to instructors at the top of their form. You can choose to use the default copy we have prepared or you can choose to use a custom message.

Once you have everything filled in, remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and click save.




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