Qwickly Attendance Pro: Absence Limits

Users of Attendance LTI who have licensed Attendance Pro have the option to set absence limits amounts for their courses. There are two absence limits numbers which can be set: a warning number and a final number.

When set in a course, the absence limit numbers can signify to instructors which users have crossed a warning limit (students will have their absences displayed in yellow) and a final limit (students will have their absences displayed in red).

Instructors will need to turn on the "Show Absences on Take Attendance Screen" setting in the course to be able to view the absences next to student names. The following screenshot shows an example of students with their absences listed next to their names (with a couple of students having reached the warning stage or final stage).

A warning limit will appear in yellow, a final limit (meeting the limit has been met) will be in red.


File Upload for Setting Absence Limits Amounts 

System Administrators can upload a file through the Qwickly Dashboard to set the absence limit amounts for their courses.

1. Create Absence Limit File

The Absence Limit file upload should follow a specific format. The file should be a .csv or .txt type file. Each line should contain the following values:

{course code}, {warning amount}, {final amount}

Please note that the same amount can be used for both warning and final amounts if only one limit is desired.

Here is an example screenshot of a text file upload which sets the absence limits for four separate courses:


2. Upload Absence Limit file

  • Log into the Qwickly Dashboard (www.qwickly.tools)
  • Go to "Manage Instances" and click on "Launch Attendance Pro" for your desired instance
  • Click on "More Options" >"Set Absence Limits"
  • mceclip2.png
  • Once the file has been uploaded, press submit
  • Once the file has been submitted, it will be processed in a few minutes. You can check your Instance Logs for any updates on the status of the file upload.   

Updating Absence Limit Reporting Values

If you need to update the Absence Limit values for one or more courses, you can take either of the following steps:

  • You can update the limit values for the required course(s) in the original Absence Limits upload file and reupload the whole file
  • You can create a new .txt file which contains the course(s) with their updated absence limits only and upload this smaller file. This file will need to follow the same format (defined above)

Check values set for Absence Limits Across Various Courses

System Administrators can check what values have been set for Absence Limits across their various courses by going to Attendance Pro > Tools > Course Semesters. This view displays a list of courses for your selected instance and will display the absence limits saved for a particular course.

Absence Limit Reporting

System Admins using Qwickly Attendance Pro can run reports on Absence Limits to check whether any students have crossed a defined absence limit in the courses. (Example screenshot below uses the previously defined Absence Limit Values).


Admins can run this report by going to Attendance Pro > Course Reporting > Absence Limit Report



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