Qwickly Attendance Pro: Reporting Setup Overview


Access the Attendance Pro Setup:

  1. Go to www.qwickly.tools > Manage Instances > Your Instance's Attendance Settings
  2. Click "Settings"


Basic Configuration

  1. Load Attendance Data by: Select the method with which to run reports in Attendance Pro
  2. Select Semester: If you are loading Attendance Data by Semesters, pick the semester from which to run your report
  3. Select Dates: If you are loading Attendance Data by Selected Dates, pick the date range from which to run your report

Manage Course Semesters

For more information on managing your Semesters in Qwickly, go here.


Users can manage and update the semesters for their instance's courses from this view. Courses can be looked up by LMS ID, Course Code or Course Name. Courses can then be assigned the right semester for reporting purposes.

Set up Group Reporting Access for Dashboard users

User accounts can be added to the Qwickly Dashboard and allowed access only to certain student groupings/course groupings for reporting purposes. More information on how to set this up can be found here.


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